CHR Gascon demanded Congress to increased their 2018 budget

The public wants Commission on Human Rights (CHR)abolished, the sole human rights institution in the Philippines. It is the mandate of the agency to preserve every rights of the Filipinos.  Ideally, that is their job. However, with what is currently happening, that doesn't seem to be what they are doing. They've just turned themselves into official protectors of criminals, whose rights are the most violated, as the CHR claim. What about the victims?

Gutsy as he can ever be, Human Rights chair Jose Luis "Chito" Gascon had already an exact amount of budget he claimed they needed to continuously do their mandate. As proposed for CHR's budget for 2018 by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the CHR is demanding for P651.9 million budget for 2018 during House Committee on Appropriations hearing. The P623.4 million will be for the agency itself while the remaining P28.6 million will be allocated to the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC), a new attached agency.

However, given the current reputation of the CHR, it is very impossible for the Congress to agree with their request.

Furious, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Monday  that he sees no reason to funding CHR as they are very biased in their services. If the agency cannot be abolished, they might as well entirely revoke the support.

"Kung ako ang tatanungin, zero, kapag ganyan ang performance," he said on the sidelines of the CHR budget hearing at the House of Representatives. "Hindi natin ia-abolish kasi constitutional body. Eh di huwag mo bigyan ng budget iyan kasi hindi naman fair eh," Pantaleon said.

"Hindi nila ginagampanan 'yung trabaho nila para protektahan 'yung karapatang pantao, para sa lahat ng tao, sa lahat ng Pilipino dito sa ating bansa," he added.

During the House Committee on Appropriations hearing, Gascon defended himself stating that he is doing his best to perform his job properly. The budget they proposed is what the agency deserves for doing their job "properly".

But Pantaleon was not convinced that Gascon is doing his job properly.

"Wala akong makitang dahilan para sustentuhan kayo ng gobyernong ito," he said.

"Sino ba nagpapasuweldo sa inyo? 'Di ba ang estado? Eh ang lagi mo pinupuna ang estado, pero sila naman ay pinoprotektahan ang karapatan ng mga biktima. Ikaw, anong ginagawa mo, ang protektahan ang mga kriminal?" he added. Are they criminals the only humans in the Philippines?

PBA Partylist Rep. Jericho Nograles also chided on the CHR. He urged the agency to not be too discriminant on human rights cases.


"The CHR is rapidly losing public support and there is now a growing clamor for its abolition because of its perceived misplaced focus on alleged human rights violations committed by government authorities while turning a blind eye on atrocities committed by criminals and insurgents," he said.

"Being the son of a human rights lawyer, I feel really sad that the CHR is now being regarded as a protector of criminals and insurgents because of their unusual interest in pursuing only cases allegedly committed by security forces," Nograles said.

Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, the CHR have been very nosy and noisy in every single law enforcer operation of the administration. Never have they meddled in human rights violations on victims by the criminals, whom they desperately try to save.

Earlier, the CHR released a statement stating their mandate is to protect the welfare of civilians from the state, with this being said, does it mean they have no regards whatsoever when a civilian kills, murders, harass, rape, massacre, etc., another civilian? Are their eyes close when an innocent child is raped or an elderly citizen brutally murdered by a fellow civilian?

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