Duterte meets with Kian delos Santos' parents

Two days after the burial of teenager Kian delos Santos, President Rodrigo Duterte met with his parents on Monday, August 28.
Duterte was meeting with Saldy and Lorenza delos Santos at the Malacañang Golf Club as of writing. According to a Palace source, the meeting was requested by the Delos Santoses.
The President typically holds more intimate meetings at the clubhouse, just a few steps from his Manila residence, Bahay Pangarap. Most meetings and events are held in the Palace.
Present at the meeting were Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, Public Attorney's Office chief Persida Acosta, and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption chairman Dante Jimenez, according to Malacañang.
Duterte was unable to attend 17-year-old Delos Santos' wake, saying doing so would fuel too many "suppositions" about the boy's death, including a validation that the police involved are guilty of murder.
The President, after watching the CCTV footage of two men, supposedly police, dragging Delos Santos to the alley where he died, agreed the incident points to possible abuse by law enforcement personnel.
He vowed that, if proven guilty, Caloocan police would "rot in jail."
Hundreds marched alongside Delos Santos' coffin during his funeral procession last Saturday, August 26. Protesters have called for an end to Duterte's drug war, saying Delos Santos' death proves it has spiraled out of control.
President Rodrigo Duterte personally promised the parents of 17-year-old student Kian delos Santos that they will have justice for the death of their son.
"Yes. It was made very clear to them," Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II told Rappler in a text message on Monday, August 28. He was asked to clarify if justice was among Duterte's promises to Saldy and Lorenza delos Santos.
Aguirre was among the government officials present at the meeting, which took place over lunch and lasted two hours. The justice chief previously downplayed Delos Santos' death, saying it was "blown out of proportion" by the media.
Malacañang, in a photo caption, said Duterte vowed to the couple that "there will be no interference in the case," adding that "only due process will prevail."
The Delos Santoses earlier filed criminal complaints against Caloocan police involved in the August 16 anti-drug operation that left their son dead.
Duterte supposedly assured the couple that their complaint will be handled in a "fair" manner. Opposition senators have called for the case to be transferred to the Office of the Ombudsman, however, questioning the independence of the Department of Justice. 
Public Attorney's Office (PAO) chief Persida Acosta also said one of Duterte's assurances to the parents of Kian was that "justice will prevail." (READ: PNP contradicts PAO: Only 2, not 3, gunshot wounds on Kian)
Aguirre, in a DZMM radio interview, said the Delos Santos couple also asked for protection or security since they felt their lives are under threat.
Duterte, meanwhile, explained to them why he did not attend their son's wake. According to Aguirre, it was the same explanation he gave to media a week before – that he, as president, is commander of the police force and it would be inappropriate for him to attend the wake while the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is conducting a probe into Kian's death.
Just hours before meeting the Delos Santos couple, Duterte told media that he is inclined to think the police were in the wrong with the way they dealt with the teenager. (
"Pero (But) from the looks of it, it ain't that way. Hindi 'yun (It wasn't) performance of duty," said Duterte during a press conference in San Fernando, Pampanga.
Duterte hugged Lorenza before the meeting was over. She and her husband can be seen smiling in some of the photos sent by Malacañang.
The Delos Santoses could also be seen doing Duterte's signature "fist bump," along with Duterte ally and Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption founding chairman Dante Jimenez.
This is the first time Duterte has commiserated with family members of supposed drug suspects killed in the name of his drug war. The President has more often been seen visiting the wake of police or soldiers who died implementing his anti-drug campaign.
Before Delos Santos' death, Duterte had only harsh words for drug suspects, warning them of death at the hands of law enforcers.
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