Antonio Trillanes on Duterte: "He doesn't have the psychological capacity to govern anymore"

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV again insulted President Rodrigo Duterte's statements on members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to dare him in a duel.

"Duterte is clearly having a meltdown," the senator said in a statement.

"I am now seriously concerned that he doesn't have the psychological capacity to govern anymore and that he needs psychiatric help right away. Moreover, the PSG needs to take away his pistol before he hurts himself or another innocent person," he added.

It was unpleasant for the President that his son and son-in-law are being accused of something Trillanes could hardly prove from his pile of evidences which came from a very reliable foreign intelligence.

Duterte told his soldiers to not allow the menacing Trillanes to downgrade them and be bullied by the mutineer.

"Pag ganoon, tindigan ninyo. Sabihin mo, ‘P— ina ka. Lumabas ka diyan. Draw tayo.’ Hambugero. Talawan man na. Ay sus, ako ang maka-engkwentro ana... Bakit pala ako nagadala ng baril? Walay lisensiya ni ah. Di man ka kailangan ug lisensya para mupatay ug tawo [If that happens, stand up to him. Tell him, 'You're a son of b–. Come out and let's draw [guns]. He's arrogant. He's a coward. If I encounter him... Why am I bringing a gun? It doesn't have a license. You don't need a license to kill a person]," Duterte said, even showing what appeared to be a gun on his side.

"Ako, hindi ako naghahamon, pero pangutan-a lang pila ka tao akong gi... Idungag tika [I'm not challenging anyone, but just ask them how many people I... I'll add you]," he added.

Months ago, Trillanes' evil schemes were exposed by a businesswoman who claimed to haven been offered of bribery by the senator.

Guillermina Barrida, a businesswoman from Davao City, stated that someone from the staff members of Trillanes who identified himself as "Junnel" offered her P500,000 as an initial payment and another P500,000 once the case against Duterte is brought up to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
"Ang sabi niya sa akin, na ano 'wag kang mag-alala, dahil 'yun nga daw hindi ako papabayaan nakita mo na, marami akong pera... dito," Arcillas told the media.

According to her, the nowhere to be found self-confessed murderer Edgar Matobato's lawyer, Jude Sabio, was also a part of the plan.

The senator's crazy antics didn't end there.

He is now currently in a fight which he initiated himself against Paolo Duterte, Davao City Vice Mayor and a Presidential son. He accused him of accummulating ill-gotten wealth from smuggling and from illegal drug trades.

"Yung source ng kanilang ill-gotten wealth ay maaaring nanggaling both sa smuggling operations tsaka sa illegal drugs. Yun ang aking pinupunto kaso na-stonewall na tayo," the senator said.

Despite the wordfight between Senator Richard Gordon and Trillanes during the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the smuggled billion-worth of illegal drugs that was able to pass Bureau of Customs, Gordon still invited Vice Mayor Duterte and his brother-in-law Manases Carpio in the Senate despite the lack of substantial evidences against them.

He gave Trillanes a chance to prove his allegations but it turned out he wasn't able to prove anything and the most disappointing part was that Trillanes' queries were outside the supposed to be main focus of the committee's hearing which is the smuggled narcotics.

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