Leni Robredo says Marcoses that returning wealth isn't enough for her and should admit to their sins first,

Vice President Leni Robredo downplayed the plan to grant an immunity to the Marcos family in exchange of the so-called ill-gotten wealth.

"It would be hard to forgive someone who has not admitted his crime," she told reporters.
Robredo also encouraged Filipinos to not forget that the Marcoses stole from the country and gave a hard time on previous administration to probe them.

"If we look back on history, it has been 31 years since we filed cases but only half has been recovered by government and returned to the people. There is still the other half that have yet to be recovered," she said. 

The way Robredo speaks, its as if she has never done anything wrong in her entire life. It's as if her political life is filled with honesty and loyalty to the country.

The Filipinos will never be able to move on if some of the country's leaders and influential personalities insist on looking back at the past. The problem is that even Roman Catholic church leaders are urging Filipinos, their congregants to bear the same grudges they have for the Marcoses. They pass on their hatred on the next generations instead of telling them to forgive and just pray ask the Lord for the justices they been wanting for years.

Unless we learn to forgive our debtors, we will never be forgiven of our sins.

Now that the Marcoses are opening up the talks on returning a part of their wealth, is it too much to accept it? Different personalities and groups have been crying for the Marcoses to return what they took and now that this is what happening, people keep on asking for more.

The Vice President is telling Filipinos not to forget what the Marcoses did when she herself is involved in a cheating election just this previous VP elections. What rights does she have to act so clean? Even her family's name was dragged to be involved in smuggling and illegal gambling issues but never did the mainstream media reported that again. She too, must admit her crimes first before persecuting anyone else.

This country has too much selective justice and persecution. Unless you're a part of the Yellow cult, you won't be persecuted nor investigated on your crimes.

Meanwhile, in the last will and testament of former President Ferdinand Marcos it was stated that a great amount of treasures were from the Philippines. A fraction of it was retrieved from invasions of Mongols and Chinese were were believed to have happened when Mongol and Chinese invaders attempted to invade Philippine isles, the Kingdom of Champa and Kingdoms of Indonesia during the advent of the Madyapahit period.

What's most important in the will was these treasures is for the benefit of the Filipino people. 

These were taken from the former President Marcos' last will and testament.

"... the acclaimed Imelda Marcosand a proclamation of Martial Law without reaffirmation of the Philippine Congress andthru this the undersigned suffered more Distress and Disappointment among the peoplewhom I wished to aid Economic Promise for their recovery upon strike of Global Crisisto be expected to come in the future but still those Assets and Properties that theundersigned executed thru galleries of documents that intending all maturities of saidDeposits to the Filipino People."

Those funds upon maturities on year 2000 and beyond, shall reconsider to be intendedfor the following Development Programs for the Filipino People’s Profits: 
1.) Livelihood Program to set and to engage Filipino into entrepreneurship program. 
2.) Scholarship Programs to assist all Scholars to perform their school works from Primary to Collegiate Level. 
3.) Health Care Programs to assist all Filipino Beneficiaries to maintain good health. 
4.) Disability/Retirement/Pension Programs to assist all Disabled/Retiree/Under PensionFilipino Beneficiaries to claim these benefits. 
5.) National Infrastructure of Urban and Rural Venture Programs such as Concrete Roads,Bridges, School Building, Hospital Building, Relocation Buildings and Railway Systemsuch as Ordinary Railways, Light Rail Systems and Bullet Trains. 
6.) Agricultural and Irrigation Development Programs to assist all Farmers and otherAgricultural Workers to maintain and sustain their demands and needs. 
7.) Mining Programs to be chosen by above mentioned Authorized Party 
8.) Industrial and other Economic Matters to assist more Filipino to perform workforce throughout Philippine Islands for their daily needs.

Now that the country is truly in need of this wealth, what do you think must the government do about the Marcoses' plans?

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