Dahil sa kahambogan ni Trillanes, nagalit at nag-init ang ulo ni Gordon! ‘Kay Duterte nga hindi ako natatakot, sa kanya pa?’

Get him out of the Senate!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has become more and more desperate with his mission to destroy the legacy and integrity of the Presidential family. He even started a chaotic word fight between him and Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair Richard Gordon on Friday.

Because of his uncalled and unbecoming behaviour during the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing, he initially put "out of order" and when didn't stopped his itchy mouth into blabbering and disrespecting the committee's chair, Gordan placed him into contempt and possible filinf ethics case.

But since the man is desperate and thick-faced that nothing can stop him from dragging the Senate's reputation down the slum, he even arrogantly said that he's not afraid of Duterte so why will he fear Gordon?

"sa 'kin, go ahead. Hindi ako matatakot diyan. Kay Duterte nga hindi ako natatakot, sa kanya pa? Sa ethics case pa? Hindi ba?" Trillanes, who previously called President Rodrigo Duterte a "mass murderer," told reporters in an interview.

"Sayang oras niya diyan. Tatakutin niya ako, gawin na lang niya. Tingnan na lang natin kung ano ang kalalabasan," he said.

He also exclaimed that none of their colleagues will support the ethics complaint of Gordon.

"Swerte na siya kung makakuha siya ng tatlo o apat na pipirma diyan. Kung naniniwala siya na majority pipirma, then he has lost touch doon sa pulso ng mga senador," he said.

"In fact, maraming disgruntled na with the way he is handling the case," Trillanes added.

Trillanes said other than hurting Gordon's ego, he did nothing wrong nor unethical during the committee hearing on the P6.4-billion worth of illegal drugs smuggled to the country.

The mutineer turned senator wanted Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Atty. Manases Carpio, husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, to attend the hearing since their names were mentioned as the head of the so-called "Davao Group" and the Senate should not treat them as "sacred cows".

"Pwede kasing nagpapapogi [si Gordon] or may hinihingi or natatakot or talagang nakikinabang. Marami-raming reasons. I won’t speculate. Bahala na 'yung taongbayan kung ano 'yung totoo doon," Trillanes said.

The reason why Gordon isn't inviting the two is because there are no direct evidences that implicates the brothers-in-law other the a hearsay that Trillanes keeps on contesting as evidences. Gordon also said that the Senate should not become a body that will only be used a mean to ruin innocent names until evidences surface.

"The moment he says, ‘Ako nakausap ko si Paulo at sinabi ko sa kanya tulungan mo ako’ at sinabi niya ‘Tutulunga kita, bibigyan kita ng pera.’ Swak na 'yun. Ito sinabi lang, mga tao ito ni Paolo, Davao Group 'yan," Gordon said.

"Hindi tayo nag-co-convict ng tao without evidence," he added.

Meanwhile, Gordon ignored the criticisms being thrown him as Blue Ribbon committee chair.

"Bakit, sino ba kinakatigan ko? Bakit, do I owe Duterte anything? Do I owe anybody there anything?" Gordon told reporters.

"Please do not judge. Look at my record, I’ve gone against presidents of the Philippines," he added.

Gordon said he will proceed with filing ethics complaints against Trillanes, he's had enough of the ill-mannered behaviour of the mutineer.

"He has done that consistently. I already forgave him the first time. He even came to my office and apologized then he did it to Mr. Zubiri. Then he was trying to do it to Cayetano, he was trying to turn off the microphone," Gordon said.

"I’m sorry hindi lahat ng araw sa’yo," the senator said.

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Dahil sa kahambogan ni Trillanes, nagalit at nag-init ang ulo ni Gordon! ‘Kay Duterte nga hindi ako natatakot, sa kanya pa?’ Dahil sa kahambogan ni Trillanes, nagalit at nag-init ang ulo ni Gordon! ‘Kay Duterte nga hindi ako natatakot, sa kanya pa?’ Reviewed by David Tan on 23:03 Rating: 5

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