Brave Lawyer lambasted Trillanes: Walang disiplina sa pagiisip!

Senator Antonio Trillanes claimed that the President Rodrigo Duterte lacks discipline for he failed to get up early in the morning to attend and lead ceremonial rites for 119th Independence day celebration on Monday at Rizal Park.

"Ano ba naman yung bumangon ka nang maaga? Kita mo, walang kadisi­disiplina ‘to sa katawan itong mama na ‘to, kaya I’m very, very frustrated and disappointed na siya ‘yung presidente natin," he said in an media interview.

He also accused the President of not valuing a very significant and important such as that.

"Dito mo makikita na wala siyang pakialam, wala siyang halaga na ibinibigay dito sa very important event sa kasysayan ng bansa,"

Meanwhile, a brave and fearless lawyer slammed the mutineer turned senator, Trillanes, in Facebook post.

Trixie Cruz-Angeles published in her page on June 13 stating that she once had a chance to interview the senator at his detention cell in Camp Crame. It was about the presidential elections back in 2010.

"Sometime ago na-interview ko si Sen. Trillanes at his detention in Camp Crame. Tinanong ko, dahil kasagsagan ng 2010 presidential elections, bakit mula sa pag endorso kay Noynoy lumipat sya kay Manny Villar," she began.

The senator claimed that he had someone background checked Noynoy Aquino and said that the former President is in fact 'LAZY' and his candidacy was just an accident.

""Pina research ko na yan si Noynoy. At alam namin, tamad yan. Tamad sya. Walang ginagawa. Aksidente lang itong pagtakbo nya," Angeles quoted Trillanes.

She noted that it happened 2010 and when the presidential candidate who Trillanes called lazy and has done nothing (probably while being a senator) won the 2010 elections, in a blink of an eye, Trillanes sided and stuck himself to the one in power.

"Take note na 2010 pa po ito. So ayun nga, nanalo si Noynoy Aquino. Anong ginawa ni Trillanes? Kumampi sya at kumapit sa taong nasa kapangyarihan," Angeles noted. "Ika nga, walang permanenteng kalaban. Permanenteng interes lang," she even added.

Angeles said that Trillanes said with his own mouth that Aquino is lazy and repeatedly called him LAZY. And never during the term of Noynoy did Trillanes criticized the lazy and useless president.

She also stated that Trillanes' words are very much inconsistent.

"Gayunpaman. Sya mismo ang umaamin na tamad si Noynoy. Inulit pa nya. TAMAD. Pero pinagserbisyohan nya ito. At ni minsan, habang presidente si Noynoy Aquino, ni minsan hindi binatikos ni Sonny Trillanes ang tamad...este... ang pangulo nun," she said.

"Lakas ng loob sa inconsistency, no? Walang disiplina sa pagiisip," she ended.

On one of the comments on her post, attached is a news article that explains why Trillanes is a like a loyal dog to Aquino.

Noynoy Aquino granted the troll amnesty and also to other mutineers who went against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. We all know that Aquino despises Arroyo. NO WONDER.

Aquino signed a proclamation that grants amnesty to mutineers who were involved at the Oakwood Mutiny in July 2003.

"[Trillanes] was imprisoned because of Oakwood. My opinion is, and that is just my individual opinion, the fiscal should not have let that case prosper. There are several other cases but the coup d'etat case has specific requirements, which were not present. I think there was injustice there," Aquino said.

Antonio Trillanes, the former Navy officer and mutineer turned senator is referred to as a "staunch critic" of President Rodrigo Duterte but to be honest, he's not a critic. If he's statements are considered criticisms, then that would be the new term for 'insults'.

His words are just meant to riducule the President and most of the time are thoughtless and nothing helpful at all. What do you expect from a dog? It barks when it feels theathened and afraid.

Source: Trixie Cruz-Angeles; ABS-CBN
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