San Miguel CEO support to Duterte: Mark my word--This country will fly!

The Philippine President has been criticized by many but never was he fazed by their groundless and thoughtless insults of him. In fact, he worked more than any president the country has ever had.

The good thing is that not everyone shows hostility towards President Duterte. Many still believes and supports his ideologies to create a better Philippines.

One of them is Ramon S. Ang, the President and CEO of San Miguel Corp.

The giant conglomerate stated that Philippines will become a better place because President Duterte is eliminating drug problems.

"Mark my word--This country will fly. This country will be a better place for our children and grandchildren because the drug problem will be eliminated under President Duterte."

Because of SMC expects economic surges they are expanding and building more infrastructures in the country.

"Because of the expected economic surge, SMC is building more airports, sea ports and railways, and acquiring trains. Petron, the leading fuel company, will be expanded; petrochemical and power plants and cement factories will be built by the business conglomerate SMC."

"If the President solves the problems of drug, criminality, and corruption, he will become the best president the Philippines has ever had!" exclaimed Ang.

Ramon Tulfo also said that if we realize the seriousness of drug problems in the country, we will definitely sympathize with him.

"So what if convicted drug lord Tony Co was killed and four others–including Jaybee Sebastian--Sen. Leila de Lima’s erstwhile fair-haired boy–were wounded in a riot at New Bilibid Prison? Who cares whether those lowlifes disappear from the face of the earth, or get maimed fighting one another?"

"Aren’t we happy the Duterte administration, unlike the previous ones, is doing something to uproot the evil caused by narcotics in our society? The illicit drug trade flourished in the administrations of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and B. S. Aquino... A desperate situation calls for a desperate solution."

"If you realize the enormity of the drug problem like the President does, you will sympathize with him and cheer him on. During a meeting with him in the early hours of Sept. 24--doesn’t the guy ever sleep?--the President told [Ramon Tulfo] the drug problem was nearing irreversible situation and that he had to take drastic measures to stem the tide."

"Every sector of society is tainted with drugs, the President said. Politicians, judges, prosecutors, policemen, show biz personalities, the rich, middle class, the poor are either using drugs or protecting drug peddlers, according to Manong Digong. He said he would not stop until the drug problem is licked," Tulfo said.

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Source: Malaya
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