MUST WATCH! Three BFF's faces botched after injected with petroleum jelly

In this world we live in, possessing a beautiful face and superb physique matters a lot. It's easier to get a job, have friends, gain fame and many other advantages.

Reality can be sometimes cruel given that most people's self-confidence only comes from the outside.

Even if some would say that one must be contented with what God has given them, the demands of cosmetic and plastic surgery is still booming up to this time, it even became more advanced as time passes by.

Beauty costs a lot of money, one reason why some people resort to cheaper means in order to achieve the beauty they've been dreaming of.

Three friends, Alvina Bernardes, Maui Cababao, and Nina Lavadia, often feels envious whenever they see other transwomen who looks very pretty and woman-like but since surgeries costs a lot, their dream of looking more feminine seemed unattainable. The cheek enhancement costs P20,000 to P50,000 if it will be done by licensed doctors.

On 2009, someone who identified himself as Janet, offered Alvina a cheek enhancement procedure that only costs P500 per injection, since the price is only small part of the usual price, Alvina availed.

"Inanyayahan kami na, 'Gusto nyo bang magpaganda na mura lang?' Nacurious ako sa sarili ko, tinanong ko magkano, 500 daw yung babayaran," Alvina said.

The procedure was only done at home and Alvina only found out the 'fillers' that will be injected in his cheeks, nose and chin was petroleum jelly instead of dermal fillers. Dermal filler is a solution that can be injected to fill soft tissues under the skin.

Alvina even saw how the petroleum jelly was melted in a spoon on top of lighted candle and then into the syringe.

At first, the results were what was he ideally expected, he was able to achieve his dream cheekbone, nose and chin. Upon seeing how good the results were, his friends, Maui and Nina were encouraged to avail the same procedure.

"At first maganda talaga syang tingnan, syempre bakla may ambisyon ding gumanda, try ko din," Maui said.

But six months later, Alvina noticed changes on the parts where the jelly was injected.

"Lumaki dito [cheeks], tapos napansin ko sa salamin, bakit ganon, lumobo na sya. Sabi ng mama ko, 'Bakit naganyan na?'"

Maui and Nina's face and chin started to swell.

"Mabigat ang init, kasi petroleum, pag bagong ligo ka, ganyan-ganyanin mo[touch the swelling] mainit," Maui added.

Nina said they could no longer contact the person responsible for what happened to them. The addressed he left was fake and the number belongs to cousin.

Nina's mom got angry at what he did, what made her more angry was because she didn't know that her child was a beki. Despite what happened, Nina's mom gave the money to him to get his face fix. The money was for the repair of their house.

"Kasi mahal yung opera umabot ata P100,000 ata yun. Para sa bahay namen na naipon wala. Para lang makita na maayos sana ang mukha niya," Teresita said.

Maui used to looked like Marjorie Baretto but the P500 peso injections ruined what she used to treasure before.

Meanwhile, nothing can stop Alvina from joining gay contests, not even his swollen cheeks, nose and chin.

"Positive lang ako sa lahat. Kahit ganito meron naman kasing mga taong nakakaintindi din saken. Sabi nga nila proud sila saken kasi nakakaya ko humarap sa kanila. Nakakaya ko pa din sumali," Alvina stated.

A head and neck surgeon, Dr. Henry Claraval, said that injecting petroleum jelly is a very dangerous thing to do. Because as what the jelly's container label states, 'For external use only.' The human body does not accepts petroleum jelly and is often consider it as foreign body,

"Pag ka makita niyo sa kanyang lalagyan nakalagay for external use only at hindi ito dapat iniinject sa mukha ng isang tao dahil lubha itong delikado. Hindi ito tinatanggap ng ating katawan at kadalasan ang katawan naten ay kino-consider ito na isang foreign body," the doctor said.

Fortunately for the three BFFs, a concern netizen started a fund-raising through Facebook to finance the reconstruction surgery of the three.

Izah Nicole Galvez Robles does not personally know the three. From then on, several other people donated to the fund-raising and lucky for them, someone offered to sponsor the three friend's surgery.

Watch video below:

Source: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
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