Panoorin: Ama Ipinasok Ang Sariling Anak Sa Isang Plastic Bag

Recently, a father was caught on video while putting her daughter inside a big plastic bag, wearing a complete uniform and sealed it tight.

The reason why the man put her daughter inside a plastic bag will put you in tears. Here's the reason why.

The man will send his daughter to school, however, they need to cross a raging river. For surely, putting her in the bag will guarantee her safety and cross the river completely dry as her father crosses the river. Despite the risk and current of the water, the man extremely made an effort just to send his daughter to school. All he wanted is for his daughter to acquire the education he himself was robbed.

Source: YouTube
The father swam all the way to the other side of the river while carrying the plastic bag containing his daughter inside. Without giving a thought to possible dangers, he successfully carried his daughter to the other side and finally went o school.

Source: YouTube
While most people complained about not being able to drive their children to school because of lack of gasoline, car problem, or not being able to put their child on a school bus, just take a look a this man's effort. Soon enough, his determination and sacrifices just to send his daughter to school and get a necessary education will be paid off. His effort is deemed priceless!

Hopefully, there are some concerned citizens or organizations that will help build a sturdy bridge or just a decent boat so the father would not need to cross and swim the river that might possibly cost his life anytime soon.

What do you think about the efforts of the father? Do you have the same experience also? Let us know in the comment section below.

Watch the very inspiring video here:

Source: NotableFeed
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