The Truth About the Aquino's Legacy of Deception and Treason

First and foremost, let's set things straight here. Every one of us have our own perspective of who the Aquinos are, no matter what they did, so let's accept that fact. But truth be told, whatever happen in the past, we can never change nor alter it. For once, open our eyes and see what really happened. Some of you may not agree, but the truth is the truth. Reality is irrecovable. We need to know and see it for it is the only for us to move on.

Educational textbooks teaches us that the Aquinos are somewhat heroes. Democracy heroes. While the Marcoses are the epitome of tyranny and worst dynasty the Philippines ever had.

There are tons of facts the Aquino-sponsored media doesn't want us to find out, that most of the so-called accomplishments of the Aquino's were just spiteful lies and stolen from others. The only legacy they left, which most us chose to ignore, was their treacherous objectives and disloyalty to the Republic of the Philippines. The very country they claimed to have "saved" from the tyranny of the Marcos regime. So, let's get to it.

Benigno Aquino Sr. and the Axis Power

During the World War II, Benigno Aquino Sr. collaborated with the Axis Power. But what is the Axis, you asked?

It is one of two alliances created during World War II, the other one is called the Allies. Axis has three principal partners - Germany, Italy and Japan.

Aquino Sr. was among those who were chosen by the Imperial Army of Japan to be one of their puppet leaders for the Philippines along with the late President Jose P. Laurel. We can assume that while the barbaric soldiers of the Japanese government went on with ransacking villages, slaughtering farmers and raping women, Benigno Aquino Sr. simply sat back and enjoyed the view.

When the WWII ended, those who collaborated wit the Axis Power were bound to faced arrest and execution, however it was done during that time. But strangely shocking was Aquino Sr. was pardoned by none other than President Ramon Magsaysay.

A Harvard Troublemaker - Ungrateful to Americans

Yes. Former President Noynoy Aquino's father did stay in Harvard but not as a student. He was there like a refugee. He never wrote a book nor studied in the prestigious university. Actually, no one respected him there. The Americans thought that he was kind of smart that's why they decided to let him stay in the university.

But as treacherous as he can be, the kindness he received from them was returned with insults - not literally. He recruited people to the Communist cause - spatting the generosity of the Americans who gave him a sanctuary.

This is why the 1987 Constitution refuses to accept foreign teachers. Because if we did, we’d all find out just what kind of ungrateful charlatans the Aquinos really are.

Mendiola Massacre - Bloodshed by the so-called 'saint'

If you think that was it, then you're wrong. The saint-like image of Cory Aquino isn't really of a saint. She was indeed involved in the Mendiola Massacre. She may be wasn't present at the scene personally, but she was in-command of the men who killed innocent lives. There was at least a dozen of farmers kiled and about thirty-nine were seriously injured when gunmen of the Aquino's open fired at the farmers who protested to get what was due to them.

This is the very reason why Aquino matriarch desperately opposed to the Marcos regime. Late President Ferdinand Marcos had a presidential decree during Martial Law, which states the disctribution of many lands to tenant farmers, including the lands of Hacienda Luicita.

The PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 27 October 21, 1972 states: 
"This shall apply to tenant farmers of private agricultural lands primarily devoted to rice and corn under a system of sharecrop or lease-tenancy, whether classified as landed estate or not;" 
"The tenant farmer, whether in land classified as landed estate or not, shall be deemed owner of a portion constituting a family-size farm of five (5) hectares if not irrigated and three (3) hectares if irrigated;"

Ferdinand Marcos may not be entirely a humanitarian leader, but Cory Aquino was also not different or maybe the worse.Vile manipulation of the media to cover their bloody tracks and atrocities. She was just another politician greedy of power with the will get rid of anything and anyone hindering their plans.

The Son is No Different From The Parents

Benigno Aquino III had the same legacy left after his administration ended. Two and half years ago, the a condemning operation of the Special Action Force took place on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

The original mission was to serve arrest warrant on a high-profile terrorist. The mission was successfully achieved. The FBI and PNP confirmed the death of Zulkifli Abdhir - FBI's most wanted terrorist. But at the cost of of 44 SAF troopers lives.

Someone should or we should propose to change the faces on the 500-peso bill with the faces of the real heroes, that is the SAF 44. Aquinos, who by their conspiring false EMO-based promulgation of negligence, multi-billion-peso botch and lack of foresight – for their intents and purposes flushing the nation into a dark pit for quite a long time.

During an interview he did with the media, ex-PNoy is drastically diverting the public to a truth similar to what the film industry as the "director's cut" - story with an alternative ending. He said that the death of Zulkifli Abdhir a.k.a. Marwan, basing from the investigation conducted by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, claimed that the fallen SAF 44 had nothing to do with the Marwan's death - taking them out of the picture and discrediting the overkilled SAF troppers after their raid in the terrorist's hut.

The unthinkable and coward move he has ever done. He is downplaying the his own men in the mission to take down Marwan and placing the credits to the aides of bombing terrorist. Obviously, making them look less heroic in the public's eyes.

Three days after his disappearance from the public's eyes, the former President made a statement, appearing in a press conference. Some observers of the conference notice he was lacking sympathy towards the deaths of his own men. He blatantly refused and avoided to answer questions relating to the Operation Exodus. Suprisingly, he claimed that the reports of the Philippine National Police may not be complete.

"Yung official ba na kinuwento ng [Special Action Force] ang talagang lahat na nangyari, kumpleto? Itong ‘alternative’ ba ang mas kumpleto or may idadagdag doon sa tinatawag na ‘narrative?’ Puwede bang parehong mali at merong pangatlong version? Hindi rin kami nagsasara ng kaisipan na baka itong alternative ay pampagulo lang sa usapan. So ang dulo niyan, paano natin malalaman ang katotohanan, kailangan natin ng testimonya at saka ebidensiya, at ‘yon ang nililikom," he said.
If Noynoy cannot be jailed for his incompetence that lead to the bloody carnage, the Filipinos must at least get justice by taking away the glory of the Aquino dynasty is hungry for.

Fortunately for us, a 4th Benigno doesn't exists carrying the treason-filled DNA of the Yellow clan. If the Yellows keep crying out "Never Again to Martial Law", which saved a country on the verge of a full-scale Vietnam-type civil war, then simply snap back at them with a resounding "Never Again to Incompetence!"

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