WATCH: Father Stabs Daughter's Suitor for a Shallow Reason!

August 17, 2017, Pasay City A man was stabbed at Meralco Compound, past 10pm last Wednesday night. The suspect was said to be the father of the lass whom the victim is currently courting. The victim, Gillermo Abordo, was stabbed backward by Jaime Picaña, according to the witness. 

When asked why Picaña stabbed Abordo, "maliit na bagay lang ho. Speaker lng ho na maliit, (kanino ho 'yon?) sa isa kong anak. Ngayon nung kinukuha, ayaw ibigay". It was just a small speaker, which is one of the reason that triggered Picaña's rage to Abordo which led to stabbing and ending Abordo's life. 

Abordo was said the be the suitor of one of Picaña's daughter which Picaña is strongly opposed of because according to him, Abordo is rude and disrespectful to his family. "Walang pakikitungo yan, dahil ako, tutol talaga ako eh. Wala yan, bastos yan.. Maraming beses na inaano yung asawa ko nyan, (inaano po?) pinagmumumura, kesyo adik raw kami", Picaña stated. 

Wednesday night, Picaña was on his way home when he bumped into Abordo and caused another tension. "Uuwi na ako, binastos pa ako!" 

When asked what Abordo said to him.. 

"Wala ka naman eh!" (you are worthless!) 
"Osige, antayin mo 'ko!" (Okay, just wait for me! [to come back]), answered Picaña. 

Picaña said, that night, Abordo insulted him which caused him to cloud his mind. Picaña went straight into their house, returned to Abordo with a knife and stabbed the victim unknowingly. 

"Tiningnan ko sya hanggang palabas. Nung pagdating dun sa gitna, dumaan yung lalaking sumaksak sa kanya eh, tinira sya patalikod", according to witness Zenaida Nisco. 

Abordo was stabbed on his left chest. Abordo, running out of their street, bleeding, had actually asked for help to the police assigned in the area. Abordo was brought to hospital but didn't made it alive. 

Picaña on the other hand tried to escape but was then caught by the police. He immediately admitted the crime and surrendered. The authority recovered a 15-inch knife used in the stabbing, on the gutter near the suspect's residence. 

Picaña is now facing a murder complain and is now shut-in at Pasay Police Station. When asked how he feels about the incident, "Hindi ko po pinagsisisihan. Ang pinagsisisihan ko, kawawa naman yung mga apo ko, sa akin umaasa." Instead of regretting the heinous act, Picaño remained unapologetic for the crime. He said he only feels sorry for his young grandchildren who are depending to him for support. 

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Source: GMA

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