Hontiveros still ignoring her stolen P1.7-B Philhealth Funds

The operations of Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) are being hindered due to the P383 million debts of Philhealth on the hospital.

Tagged on the controversial disappearance of Philhealth funds is the former Board Member of Philhealth Senator Risa Hontiveros. Her involvement rooted from her expensive campaign videos from 2016 senatorial elections. Trade groups are accusing the lady senator of using contributions of Philhealth members for her promotional campaign videos on television. Every time her campaign videos on TV, which appeared several times on air, costs to be around P442,000 + VAT.

The former Assistant Secretary of  Lands and Legislative Affairs of the Philippine Dept of Environment and Natural Resources, Paula Defensor-Knack, shared a screenshot of the news clip from Visayan Daily Star along with the photo of the lady senator.

"VIRAL !!.... since last year, wala ng pera pambayad sa medical claims ang Philhealth ! HONTIVEROS SAGOTIN MO !!!!!!!! TV ads mo P440,000 per showing !!!!!!!!!!!” went Knack’s Facebook post. “If previous delivery of medicines and supplies are not paid, CLMMRH cannot order fresh supplies ! BUHAY NG TAO ANG PINAG-UUSAPAN DITO !!"

For six months now, the CLMMRH is behind their payments for their medicine suppliers. If the medical insurance created for the poor failed to reimburse the hospital, it will cause the Department of Health (DOH) Zero Billing Program for Indigents in CLMMRH to collapse.

Aside from the CLMMRH, other hospitals are also having similar problems with Philhealth's delay in reimbursements.

Sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack, berated the lady Senator regarding the aforementioned issues on Philhealth funds.

 Allegedly, during the time when Hontiveros was still a Board Member of Philhealth, a a P1.761 Billion worth of unauthorized bonuses was granted to so-called "officers and workers of Philhealth in 2013".

National Affiliation of Attorneys for Justice and Peace (NALJP) called to Hontiveros' attention the amount of cash taken from funds of PhilHealth. However, the latter did not release any statement regarding the issue. Up to this date, Hontiveros is still ignoring the issue of the discrepancy of the disbursement of funds on the medical insurance.

Instead, Hontiveros is concentrated on going against the Philippine President's war on drugs and terrorists.

Knack didn't like how Hontiveros sounded as if defending the twisted advocacy of the Maute group. She criticized the senator for being unreasonable statements.

"Hindi bandido and Maute ha… Eh ikaw? obviously pertaining to Senator Hontiveros."

Source: Pilipiknows, Pinoythinking
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