Kiko Pangilinan on Ozamiz raid: “Hindi makatotohanan, Bakit walang namatay o sugatan na Pulis”

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan is not convinced with the report from the Philippine National Police on what happened during the bloody PNP-CIDG drug raid in Ozamiz City last Sunday.

The President of the Liberal Party is suspicious about the timing of the raid that resulted in the huge death toll from the suspected drug suspects including Ozamiz Mayor Parojinog Sr. and a board member from Parojinog family.
He questioned why the raiding team issued an arrest warrant at past 2 a.m as well as the disabling of the close circuit television cameras (CCTV) during the anti-drug operation against the Parojinog family.
Pangilinan also became more suspicious when he knew that no one from the side of the raiding team got hurt or killed during the dangerous operation despite of the police report that the bodyguards of the Parojinog family were heavily armed.
The senator said that the report from the raiding team is ‘unrealistic’.

Pangilinan also worried that what the raiding team led by Ozamiz PNP chief Jovie Espinido can be also done to other people.
“Hinatid ang warrant of arrest nang pasado alas dos ng madaling araw. Pinatay ang CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras bago pasukin ang bahay. Lahat ng 15 pinaghihinalaang mga drug lord at ang kanilang ‘armadong-armadong’ mga bodyguard ay nasa pinangyarihan ng krimen at pinatay. Walang mga sugatan o nasawi sa panig ng PNP. Hindi makatotohanan. Pwedeng gawin ito kaninuman.” He said.

The bloody raid conducted by the members of PNP and CIDG resulted to the death of 15 people including the Mayor and Board member of Ozamiz City.
They also arrested Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog Echavez and Councilor Reynaldo Parojinog Jr who’s being transferred to Camp Crame in Manila for inquest proceedings.
According to the police report, when the serving officer entered the compound of the Parojinog family, the bodyguard of Mayor Aldong opened fire that made the authorities to retaliate.
Chief Espinido also explained that the reason why they turned off the CCTV cameras was to protect the police officers during the operation.
Philippine National Police Director General chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa also defended the timing of the serving warrant to the Parojinogs, saying that authorities can issue a warrant of arrest anytime.
Because of the death of Mayor Aldong Parojinog and the arrest of Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog, the councilors of Ozamiz appointed to lead the City temporarily.
Bato said that the death of the most powerful politician in Ozamiz is a warning to the other narco politicians who still not surrendering to the governement.

What can you say about the reaction of Kiko Pangilinan? He is concerned about why is it that there is no PNP Officer killed.
Kiko Pangilinan on Ozamiz raid: “Hindi makatotohanan, Bakit walang namatay o sugatan na Pulis”  Kiko Pangilinan on Ozamiz raid: “Hindi makatotohanan, Bakit walang namatay o sugatan na Pulis” Reviewed by pinoy patrol on 20:34 Rating: 5

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