Netizen's open letter to Liberal Party, "You are all f*cking stupid idiots and people already know it."

The Yellow orcs are at it again. Feasting on anything that they can feast, just using every single opportunity to pull the sole hindrance in their failed attempt to take over the Philippines again.


Liberal Party is wearing their 'concern mask' again to disguise their real motives in overly prying in the death of the 17 years old, Kian Delos Santos.

But this didn't work on a netizen named Jennifer Aquino who blatantly called them idiots in her messaged posted in her Facebook account addressed to the Liberal Party.

Jennifer ranted and expressed her dismayal on the LP for using and "harping on this unfortunate incident that took the life of a 17 yr old".

"Please stop harping on this unfortunate incident that took the life of a 17 yr old. first of all, your party mates are all idiots for going against the curfew for minors."

She was referring to Kian Delos Santos who was shot dead by policemen in an ongoing drug operation in Caloocan. She blamed them for what happened to Kian, saying that it was their iditioc party mates who went against curfew for minors and it was their party's fault that illegal drugs proliferated in the country but LP did nothing to solve the growing massive drug problems in their six years of reign.

"Secondly, your party is primarily responsible for the proliferation of drugs which your party did not do anything about for 6 years they were in power."

None of the Liberal Party cronies spoke up when a family was slaughtered in their own home by a self-confessed drug addict in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. There was not a single word from "Drilon, Hontiveros, Robredo nor the inept CHR."

When a priest was caught in the act, attempting to bang a 13-year old, they were silent. When farmers begged for food but were given shots of bullets instead, they were quiet. She also pointed out that there was a total of 13,000 dead in 2016, but they were quiet about that too.

"Your pathetic hypocritical acts of feigning protests were missing when an entire family was murdered by a self-confessed addict in Bulacan, we never heard a peep from the likes of Drilon, Hontiveros, Robredo nor the inept CHR. A priest gets caught with his pants down in trying to have sex with a 13 year old and still not a peep from you. Farmers begged for rice and food in Kidapawan and was given red hot bullets instead and not a word from you and your tribe. 13 thousand dead in 2016 under your regime and not a peep from any of you. "


Jennifer also condemn the make-believe sincerity the LP is trying to show. Their drama #Anaknaminsila, referring to students used by Sen. Risa Hontiveros to protest against President Rodrigo Duterte. They were carrying placards and were defenseless against anyone who can harm them during the rally.

"Now, you expect us to believe you're actually sincere? That you actually have a conscience enough to speak up or maybe because you spoke up because your party got caught with their pants down and their feet in their mouths with matching whip and fabricated lies from paid witnesses against Duterte? I believe you all used up your ace cards and now expect the people of this country to actually believe you when you play up on the drama, #Anaknaminsila bullshit ninyo. Why? Are you the only ones blessed with kids? We have kids too but we don't use them to protest against the President and make them carry placards in the middle of the street exposed to any stupid idiot who can throw a grenade at them. "

At the end, she told them off. To stop their pretentious charade because none of their claims in loving the country is true. People are already sick and tired of their pretenses.

They will never win against Duterte because he is the people's choice. Even if they go to hell, resign, get lost, or leave the country, no one will care. Because they are "all fucking stupid idiots, that's what you are and people already know it."

Read her entire message below:


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Netizen's open letter to Liberal Party, "You are all f*cking stupid idiots and people already know it." Netizen's open letter to Liberal Party, "You are all f*cking stupid idiots and people already know it." Reviewed by pinoy patrol on 18:19 Rating: 5

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