Toddler almost died after left unsupervised swimming in a hot tub!

"Don't leave your valuables unattended."

This reminder shouldn't only be applied to personal belongings but to childred as well.

When kids are out playing, adults shouldn't leave them without supervision. They must be looked after in everything they do and everywhere they go, especially when their in bodies of water even if its just a swimming pool.

A video of toddler swimming in a mini pool and almost drowned circulated around social media.
According to the footage, the little one was swimming in the hot tub equipped with a floater on his waist while the nanny was walking around holding a phone until she totally left the kid alone.

Seconds later, the child's floater flipped down into the water when the toddler tried to adjust his body, turning the kid upside down and head dived into the pool. For more than 70 seconds, the child struggled to flipped back upward, waving his legs until the movements got slower and weaker for every second that passed.

Thankfully, people outside the room saw the child dipped into the pool and quickly went and took rescued him out of the pool and applied CPR onto the kid.

The viral video enraged many netizens, cussing and blaming the nanny for leaving the toddler alone in a hot tub.

"Kaya kung minsan d rin masisisi mga amo kung mapatay nila ang mga yaya😓wala lng aq masabi kundi sana maging alert ang mga nunny sa lahat ng bagay." - Doni Kayla Utah 
"Antanga lang! P*ny*t*ng t*nga! Nasa pool/tub side lang ung mga tao napabayaan pa. Pisti kahit kayong matatanda ang magkaganyan ewan ko lang kung makarecover sila." - Reyna Kristel 
"Para ss mga yaya dyan na pabaya sa kanilang alaga.... Kutusan na yan!!!!!!" - Billy Oroyo 
"Nakakaasar ang mga taong hindi marunong bantayan ang mga bata. Buti nalang na-save pa nila ang bata." - Jericho Gambit Babanto

Watch full video below:

What can you say about the irresponsible nanny? Have you had similar experiences? Let us know and don't forget to share this article to spread awareness!

Source: danified
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