An Old Man Was Not Treated Well In a Fancy Restaurant But Came Back With A Sweet Revenge to Waitress

It's not human nature but often times, we are really quick to judge others just because of their outward appearance.

We have been taught to never judge the book by it's cover but still we easily fall doing it and ending up with a grave mistake.

Here's great story about being judgmental between an old man and a waitress at a restaurant.

Ani was a waitress at a high-class restaurant and her salary was up to $ 1000 a month.

She was also one of the finest, most beautiful and charming waitress in her workplace so she often received monetary tips from  the customers she serves.

The restaurant where Ani work had a really cozy design inside so its patrons were commonly dressed in beautiful and expensive clothes that in turn, complimented perfectly with the overall look of it.

One day, an old man entered the restaurant where Ani works. The old man was wearing simple clothes that did not compliment the interior design of the restaurant and its usual customers.

Ani was designated to take care of the old man so when she saw the old man's outfit, she immediately judged him. Worse, she also thought that the old man was just a poor peasant who wanted to ask for free food from the restaurant. She immediately approached the old man upon seeing him sitting next to the table.

When the old man noticed Ani the waitress was walking towards him, he waved his empty drinking glass to her and said he was thirsty. Ani was disgusted and said they don't sell water in their restaurant, only expensive wine and drinks are available.

But the old man still begged for Ani and said that he would order later after drinking water because he's just so thirsty. Ani was further irritated and so she harshly confronted the old man and asked him to leave his seat because a customer like him is just wasting their time since they cannot afford their service and food!

After hearing that, the old man immediately stood up to his seat and walked out the door. But before he went out he turned to Ani again to say something...

The old man said to Ani, "Do to others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others like the way you want to be treated."

The old man left their restaurant but Ani was not affected by the old man's words.

The next day, the restaurant manager called for a meeting saying that the owner and director of the restaurant will be visiting the store so the whole crew should be well-prepared when their highly-honored guests arrive.

When Ani learned about it, she immediately groomed herself much better  every day because she wanted the director to notice her and perhaps raise her salary when he finds out that she is the best waitress in his restaurant.

When that day came, all restaurant employees were asked to line up in front of the establishment. A luxury car stopped in front of them and then an old man alighted from it. The old man who was wearing simple clothes immediately went and faced all the restaurant staff.

Upon meeting the old man, all the restaurant staff bowed their heads and said "Welcome Mr. Director".

Later on, the restaurant manager approached Ani and told her that the Director wanted to talk to her. Ani trembled and felt really nervous. Also, at that moment she realized that the director was the old man customer that she mistreated a few days ago. Ani said she was really sorry for the director of her mistreatment towards him. However, it was too late because the director's decision to remove and get rid of her job was already final.

The story is only teaching us good manners and right conduct. Whether we are rich or not we should not just judge other people based on their clothing or appearance. We are all equal in the eyes of our Lord God so we all have the right to be treated properly and correctly.

Source: goodtimes
An Old Man Was Not Treated Well In a Fancy Restaurant But Came Back With A Sweet Revenge to Waitress An Old Man Was Not Treated Well In a Fancy Restaurant But Came Back With A Sweet Revenge to Waitress Reviewed by pinoy patrol on 20:32 Rating: 5

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