UP Summa Cum Laude Arman Ali Ghodsinia Lectured Fellow Scholars Not to Forget their Responsibilities as 'Iskolar ng Bayan'

The University of the Philippines (UP) Summa Cum Laude shares his message for co-graduates and urged them to not forget about their responsibilities as 'Iskolar ng Bayan'.

Arman Ali Ghodsinia, whose roots are from the war-stricken Marawi City, is this year's UP's Summa Cum Laude. He is a B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology major at the state university's College of Science.

"Grades, its going to be parts of studies. One of the ways our teachers use to know how well we are doing," he said.

"But for me, no matter what grades we get, we should try to learn as much as we can and don't think that it's all about the grades. Definitely in my school, although ganito nga, supposedly mataas ang grades ko, I do not feel I am the best. I'm pretty sure marami akong batchmates na better than me in so many other fields. Nagkataon lang na maybe I was the best in certain subjects or lucky enough to get this professor that gives good grades," Ghodsinia said.

"But definitely for me, what matters most in the end is that you learn as much as you can and enjoy what you are learning," He stated.

"But of course, don't forget about the grades, the grades are important, if you fail, it's not the end," he added.

This year's University of the Philippines Diliman's commencement exercises will be on Sunday, June 25.

UP's Summa Cum Laude urged his fellow soon-to-be graduates, as fellow 'iskolar ng bayan', to not turn away from their responsibilites to show sincerest concern to the countr especially during this time that Mindanao is facing a huge hindrance from achieving peace and order.

Since they were given a chance to experience quality education, they have a huge responsibility to do.

Ghodsinia also has a message to his fellow Muslims who are trapped or those are waiting for the Marawi clashes to end.

He wishes for his fellow people from Marawi to not lose hope and reminded them that they are always in the minds and prayers of those who are in Manila.

Not too long ago, students from UP rallied against President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of martial law in Mindanao. They rally shouts out that martial law will not resolve the uprising terrorism in Mindanao. (So geniuses, what do you suggest then?)

The so-called 'scholar ng bayan' who are dependent on the tax paid by the members of the society to sustain their schooling have been making noises that military rule will not resolve any issue but will only create more chaos because they claim that the government authorities will abuse their power.

Why do they even go against the government? Surely, intelligence isn't everything.

Netizens were pissed by these non-stop rallies from the UP students. Some slammed them quite right.

Wilson Vargas: Nung lumabas ang result ng Bar Exam at puro taga visayas at mindanao lng ang nasa top 10..puro lait ang narinig ng mga pumasa sa inyo..kesyo bumaba ang standard ng bar exam..baka my leakage,,etc,,etc..
Wala kayong pake kahit masaktan ang damdamin ng mga naka pasa sa bar exam..
Ngayon nag crisis at nag declare ng martial law sa mindanao..nag fefeeling my PAKE kayo?!?!..
Mga potang inang ipokrito!!.. 
Gilbert Gorospe: Mga kaladkarin sa peer pressure. Tulungan na lang ninyo ang inyong mga kapatid at magulang para umunlad lalo ang inyong buhay. Hindi puro dakdak.Ni wala kayo sa top 10 ng Bar exam nakakahiya kayo ( I am UP too kaya walang malisya sa opinion na ito) Puros kayo dependent sa magulang at tax payers ng tao. At kung persistent kayo punta kayo sa frontline ng Marawi .Isama na ninyo ang CHR at CBCP. Finally. Please listen to the Voice of God rather than mere mortals and you will be extremely blessed with long and prosperous life.Be more of a blessing to others .Visit the fallen soldiers’ family-widows and orphans and offer condolences.These things are what God is pleased with. 
Mye Lene: Itong mga scholar ng bayan kuno na taga UP at isama nyo na rin ang best friend nyo na si Gabriela.. nd ko maintindihan..lahat na lang ng naging pangulo kaliwa’t kanan ang protesta nyo.. Eh ni minsan naman wala naman kaung naging solusyon sa problema ng Mindanao at lalo na ng buong Pilipinas. Kung makawelga kau kala nyo kau ang nasunugan ng maute group ah. Aber ano solusyon nyo mga taga UP at Gabriela sa krisis sa Mindanao? Tumulong na lang kaung magpakain at mag donate kesa mag welga kau aba. Move on move on din tau sa ML pag me time ha. Kaya no wonder pabagsak ang Pinas pag isa sa mga katulad nyong mag isip ang mamahala sa pinas.

Source: CNN, Viralpenguinph
UP Summa Cum Laude Arman Ali Ghodsinia Lectured Fellow Scholars Not to Forget their Responsibilities as 'Iskolar ng Bayan' UP Summa Cum Laude Arman Ali Ghodsinia Lectured Fellow Scholars Not to Forget their Responsibilities  as 'Iskolar ng Bayan' Reviewed by pinoy patrol on 23:59 Rating: 5

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